Introducing: The Crossed Fingers Podcast

A friend of mine and I decided we’d make a brand-spanking-new podcast for the fun of it. It’s true that, right now, the audio quality is horrible, but, with luck, we’ll improve. We both really enjoy thinking way too much about the scourge that is video games, so that’ll be our focus (though, no promises we’ll never stray into other subjects). Our podcasts will take you on a journey. Highs will be our fantastic intro theme and our **MYSTERY TOPIC OF THE DAY**, where we’ll talk about a topic specific to game design for as long as we can. Lows will be everything else, from awkward intros and outros to dumb Internet ironic humor to news, game discussion, and more.

…Wait, what? Oh, actually, that’s just about everything. Sounds great, right? Then delve right in! One thing’s for sure: we’re definitely hoping you enjoy it.

…What do you mean a missed opportunity? I don’t see what I could have worked in there.


We talk about why we did this, how we let it happen, what was going through our heads at the time, and apologize profusely for the string of horrible accidents it’s going to cause. Also discussed are NidhoggSunless SkySaint’s Row 4, Guilty Gear XrdNuclear Throne, an Asteroids reboot, the Persona 5 trailer, Peter Molyneux, and Netflix’s upcoming Zelda series. After the **MYSTERY TOPIC OF THE DAY**, we read some pressing fan questions.

…and as always, tell your friends!


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